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Welcome, I am Dr Stephen Coogan.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my website, my name is Dr Stephen Coogan, I am a fully qualified and experienced Cheshire based Private General Practitioner.

As a Private General Practitioner, I am planning to provide a personalised private Family Doctors Service in and around the Cheshire area from early 2020. My concierge Andrew and I will offer the complete healthcare service that your regular NHS General Practitioner offers but to a much smaller number of patients on a private basis ensuring you are provided with a high-quality personalised healthcare service where and when you need it to suit your lifestyle.

We are currently waiting for our Care Quality Commission approval. Once we gain approval in the next few months we will be offering our Services.

If you require to see myself as a Private GP beforehand please visit Spire Cheshire and I will be happy to see you, my clinics are Tuesday, Friday & Saturday at 8am to 12 pm.